Child Development

If Your Child Feels Loved…

When I read this quote the first thought that came to my mind was my mom’s words, “too much of love and pampering spoils children.” So, she has always been a strict parent and loved me at the same time.There were times I felt unloved and there were times she had her ways to express her love for us. I started to comprehend this as I started to understand my mom’s emotions and how she expresses it. Love is an emotion when given and received,has always yielded positive results and especially with children when they feel loved.

The reason for me to stress on “feel love” is because as parents we all have different ways of expressing it and children tend to take advantage of such opportunities, especially if they have interpreted your emotions wrong. For example; a child may feel his parents would give him whatever he wants if he/she throws a tantrum because they know out of your feeling of love, you would give into it. Such parents are taken advantage of and are also very soft on their children.

This is not what we are looking for, there should be a line drawn to comprehend the wrong and right. To avoid such situations it is important to teach children the “value of love, “ how important it is and what other aspects are related to this emotion like trust, friendship, honesty, responsibility, respect, etc.

It is only when they start to comprehend the value, the start to understand relationships and how to build them, to strengthen them.