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The Final Forming of the Person’s Character Lies in their Own Hands

I came across this quote, which caught my attention. Since the beginning of our childhood, when we started to respond to things around us, our parents have always protected us from doing something wrong or correcting when wrong, always showing us the road to take. Sometimes, we fall, but they were always there to pick us up.

There have been times we disagreed and threw tantrums, but they were patient enough to listen and go through it all. Even after all this willing sacrifices, some kids turn out to go out of hand or show unexpected behavior. Parents are upset, children are confused and they fail to comprehend each other. As these children turn to their adult phase, they have learnt and acquired intelligence based on what the outside world has taught them and how they understand and what perspective they take is in their hands. It can be right or wrong.

Just like the quote says “but the final forming of the person’s character lies in their own hands.” as parents we can advice, teach and guide our kids to a certain point after that the child’s exposure from school to all aspects of his/ her life they are learning from their experiences and exposure. In fact, when they reach their teen years they tend to rebel more because there is a clash of thoughts happening between the parent and child. Somewhere both are not ready to come in terms with a final decision. Teens at this point in life have secrets need privacy and develop novel emotional feelings. This is a phase parents feel the hardest to deal with, because of the clash in thoughts, this is also the phase when teenagers love exploring so at this point my advice to parents would be that as long as you find your child not getting into any wrong behavior or bad company, etc.. let them be and give them the liberty to enjoy this phase of life. Build a relationship of friendship where your child can be open with you.

After all once they set their foot in adulthood, their perspective of life starts to change again, they become more practical, at at this point they are responsible enough to make their own decisions and their bond between parents also starts to change. They are no longer those frenzy teenagers but responsible adults who know how to go about their life.

The teen years of a child determines what type of adult he/she would become. So, it is very significant to understand that the things that a teen gets exposed during this phase determines what type of adult he/she is going to be and defines a person’s character.