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“Sometimes it’s best not to be ready.”

A new mother is excited and nervous at the same time, they try to prepare themselves as much as they could before the child is born. The process of pregnancy isn’t something you can prepare for as the phase has its twists and turns, for some women from the first day to the day the child is born, everything is normal and for some mothers each month can be stressful until the child is born healthy, safe and sound. The process and experiences are unique from one mother to another. So the 9 months is a journey and after the child is born you are again experiencing situations where your planned preparations need not work always…but planning does make life a bit easier.

It is fine if you prepare and plan without expectations. If you are unable to cover up everything, it’s OK. We are not perfect! There are certain things in life which requires to be dealt as the situation demands you to. As parents we try to be prepared for everything in our reach, it’s a normal tendency to do so, from what clothes to wear, school to go, etc. we try to prepare and plan everything before it happens or assuming things will happen a certain way. I would always advice parents to keep their options open and be ready for any new changes other than sticking to being over confident, it would just leave you disappointed and also the child.

Best moments happen when they’re unplanned.”

― Gina A. Jones, Her Secret

Talking from my personal experience, somewhere down the line as you keep preparing you develop hopes and expectations without realizing and it broke me… It took time to realize this, a point came where I learnt my lesson. I realized sometimes, the fun is in what life brings you with its unexpected surprises, be it for better or worse. It is much better to deal with the situation in the moment than be prepared because it need not go the way we plan.

 One of the aspects of parenting, is that it doesn’t matter how much you get ready you are in for surprises. There are things learnt with experience and consistent efforts. Let me put forth a question, how many of you out there had their children do something that they had least expected? What were your reactions?  Most of us have faced it, not once but many times, in such situations we had to use our abilities.

 In short, let’s keep this phase of life raw and handle those surprises as things happen. If you are a parent you are in for surprises, you signed up for it the moment you accepted the role and there is no turning back, only forward.

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