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As parents, what can we learn from this movie?

I know it’s a tad bit late…Really late! I always wanted to write on this subject and was looking for the right perspective. Finally dear parents, I am here to talk about a superhero movie and what caught my eye was, the outlook on how certain kids observe and mold themselves according to experiences and define their personality.

What can we learn from the childhood of Thaddeus Sivana?

SHAZAM! To be frank I loved every bit of this movie, because though I do not have much knowledge about the character, I came out after the movie feeling AWESOME! Anyways, let’s get to the point, during a car trip a young Thaddeus Sivana is in the midst of a quarrel between his father and brother when out of the blue moon he is transported to a magical realm called Rock of Eternity. There, he meets an ancient wizard called SHAZAM who is searching for someone ‘pure of heart’ to take his place in the Council of Wizards. The step to the throne is not easy as Sivana had to go through a test, unfortunately he is tempted by the calling of the Seven Deadly Sins and is deemed unworthy for the throne eventually he becomes the vessel for the seven sins.

For some reason I felt sympathetic towards this character, as his twisted childhood made his dark life. At a young age his parents never appreciated him, underestimated him and pressurized him. His life aimed for either the best or nothing, that was how he was raised, his brother disrespected him and blamed him for the crash, this was his turning point in the movie in short it was harsh. Later, Sivana ends up killing his own father and brother and becomes the lead antihero of the story. I would call this “parenting gone wrong,” if you look at the way his character has been portrayed, it is somewhere pointing out the reality. There are children out there raised in manners parents think they are doing right, but results in unreasonable behaviors.

What can we learn from the childhood of Billy Batson?

Let us look at the character Billy Batson, a teenage boy who has been going around his neighborhood doing petty crimes and a runaway orphan. At the beginning of his story, it can be clearly seen his actions are just aimed at searching for his missing mother. Finally, a social service worker finds a home for Billy where he is accompanied by five siblings and he finds out his mother had intentionally abandoned him. Later, due to his good actions he has been chosen to be the hero SHAZAM by the ancient wizard.

When you look at Billy’s life, one would think it should be him who should become the supervillain but he is a hero instead. Well, through his journey as a kid he has been meeting individuals who have been molding him and teaching him to see the world in the right perspective, finally when he is blessed with a loving family and five siblings he understands the situation better especially after his mother abandoned him. The point is throughout his childhood years the right people influenced his character and built his personality whereas it wasn’t the same for Sivana.

Children fairy tales, stories, cartoons and movies always have an underlying message other than the main moral or lesson that is delivered. The message is not just for kids but also for adults out there, the same goes for superhero movie flicks. As a parent watching the movie, the message sent across is, to love, appreciate and adore your children, this makes a big difference in shaping their childhood and defines what they become and lastly, “Anyone can become a superhero! ”

picture courtesy: People photo created by jcomp – www.freepik.com