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Why not Monsoon holidays?

Although late this time, it’s been four consecutive days the sky has been squeezing out every drop of moisture it has and the downpour continues. This is the time of the year, children enjoy the most and waits in excitement for the upcoming showers. Whereas, we are a concerned about their health, hygiene and how to keep our kids entertained indoors. When it comes to school, I am sure there will come a day where parents, would not take the risk sending children to school depending on the rains.

I recall my mom during these days, as she used to be really concerned, if the downpour has been happening since last night until the next morning, my mom did not send my sister and me to school that day. Of course, we are just waiting for that to happen, the only time mom’s order used to make us dancing with excitement. But the next day I used to know from my classmates that, a lot of students made it, so it wasn’t really a holiday just that few parents took a stand for themselves and did not send their kids to school. There was nothing wrong with that, we just missed our attendance.

Everything in the house turned damp; the blue fur of mildew crept furtively over any object left standing for the briefest length of time: shoes, bags, boxes, it consumed them all. The sheets on the bed were clammy when he got between them at night, and the darkness rang with the strident cacophony of the big tree crickets that had been waiting for this, their season.”

― Anita Desai, The Artist of Disappearance

Monsoons in India, have always been beautiful and generous. So generous, that daily lives get affected. I always felt that, there was an abundance in greenery and water, when it came to schools, workplace, commuting became a task for the common man. In this season, parents worry until their child is back home safe from school and on certain days schools are shut because of heavy rains. Children catch infections easily because of which naturally they cannot make it to school for few days. In short it’s hard for schools to maintain their missed syllabus and then later kids have to catch up on those missed days…etc. It is such an inconvenience! So I always wondered, our country’s summer heat is scorching no doubt, but still manageable to an extent, so why not keep schools in summer and introduce Monsoon holidays? In our country this should work, because every year monsoons have not been easy. Although, kids are happy “No School!”

The canal in front of our house on a rainy day.

It’s time our government gave it a thought and initiated this. When you look at other nations and their educational institutions, a two month holiday or any holiday is put forth according to the climatic conditions, culture, etc. of the place. The same should be the case here, our country is blessed with monsoons and our climate mostly falls on the humid side, throughout the year, the rains take up most of the months, and for the past few years monsoons in India have had a strange change of settings, with news of flooding happening every year and not to offend our weather forecast, each time they predict, it is either after the rains or after a disaster has occurred, especially during rains, sorry SKYMET. Get live updates here.

Giving a vacay in these months can solve the problem of unnecessary worries, children can stay at home during the season and enjoy the weather. When it was a “No School!” day for us, my mother prepared hot ‘bhajiyas,’ so do not miss this weather to enjoy with kids and spend quality time with them. Go ahead, bring out some indoor games, get wet in the rain, sing and dance with your kids, make paper boats, bring out the inflatable pool if you have one and get kids to enjoy this lovely climate. Don’t forget to click photographs and make this monsoon something to remember by.

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