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“As parents we are unique yet similar in many ways”

Dear Parents,

Today’s post is a letter to you, expressing how different parenting can be for mothers and fathers. When it comes to nurturing children, we all vary in our capabilities. To those parent- to- be, early parents, accidental parents, single parents, etc… you name it there are so many quirky categories. It doesn’t matter where you fit in or where you come from, culture, religion, race, these are all our identities that define us but when it comes to being a mother or a father, we all fall on the same plate. What differs is how we nurture our kids, the exposure, situations and our capabilities. A lot of the problems faced with parenting is also very similar, but just the means the situation is handled varies.

Then why compare? Why is it that we consciously or unconsciously compare ourselves with other parents? Why do we press on our shortcomings? What right do we have correcting another parent for something they find right for their child? Do we have that right? No, we don’t. Giving a piece of advice, at times of need or helping out when asked for help is all that we can do. Not to forget “SUPPORT,” giving other parents aid during tough times, is very essential, but do not get over involved. It is significant to understand that, this does not give us any right to judge or correct them unless morally incorrect or causing inconvenience for others.

To all those grandparents, who are happy to see their grandkids, of course we know you are highly experienced in child care. Although, that does not mean that your children will follow everything you say, especially when it comes to nurturing their own kids. In short give your children a chance to prove themselves as good parents, have faith in them. They are grown adults who have agreed upon many things when they decided to become parents.

Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” 

― Anne Frank

Generally it so happens that when we meet other parents, there is a lot going on in the scenario, conversations on so many topics but most of them revolving around their children. Some are trying to show everyone else how perfect their offspring’s are, if one parent feels their child is not in a certain way he/ she is stressed out thinking their child is not capable enough and feels there is something wrong with their child. Then there are few of them who tend to show and brag about how good their kids are to the world, well… there is nothing wrong with it but sometimes, it is just over the top.

It is seen that parents of today are somewhere driven by their ego, with or without their conscious knowledge, then they seem to influence this pressure on their kids. In short, as parents you are always trying to prove something . What are you trying to prove and to whom? They aren’t living your life. If you really want to prove yourself as parents, prove it to your children, by being wonderful human beings, show them how amazing you are and take up actions that bring a smile on your child’s face.

Parenting has always been like that, what you do others find it as not acceptable or weird, crazy, “not up to the mark,” you have to hear from your loved ones, people saying so many views, giving opinions, but that doesn’t mean you follow them, you only follow what you feel is right and chuck the rest! As long as you are confident, you are doing what is best for the child. Remember, until a child grows to a stage where he/ she becomes a responsible adult where they can take their lives in their own hands, their happiness lies in your hands and will always be.

Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.” 

― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

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