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How to keep going on days you feel down?

Parenting is a beautiful process but not so beautiful, if you are going through your own set of struggling emotions. The smile we give on certain days, is something that we put on to show our kids how we are but not what we are truly feeling. Well… you know what? That is OK, some days are not perfect the way we want it to be, our emotions of “doing it from the heart,” gets muddled up that we have to pull ourselves together to enjoy with our kids. I am sure, you must have had times when you could not vent emotions, because your child is around and all that misery is just suppressed. It’s not so surprising because once we are parents, drinking a cup of coffee with peace gets difficult, we have to always be on our toes.

Handling your emotions as parents need not be so miserable, I can understand, sometimes there is just no reason to the mood, it’s just that you feel under the weather and relaxation is all you are looking for yet there is something telling you about priorities that are more significant than yourself. As parents, we have all been there, so what do we do?

Head up, heart open. To better days!” 

― T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious

Give yourself that break, before sleeping take a shower, spend an hour reading your favorite book or listen to your favorite song, for a good sleep, the first thing to do once you get up, is to look outside the window, close your eyes and feel the beautiful day that you are in and be grateful “You are alive.” Just saying this gives the motivation to go through your entire day, be grateful to be living and that you were blessed with another day to enjoy with your loved ones. When someone encourages you during dull times, it is enough to pump you up and keep you going…but that someone need not always be there with you… you know they have a life too. So, it’s important to learn to motivate yourself, engage in self-talk, read encouraging quotes and if you find a saying that inspires you write it and place it somewhere you notice and remind yourself. These are some of the ways, you can help overcome such gloomy times. If nothing works, tell yourself…“this moment is now and it shall pass.”

Life is rooted in reality- not in your thoughts and emotions

– Sadhguru