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How to strengthen a child’s immunity?

When we look at our diet and the wide range of transformation in our eating habits, there is a big change, the change is also because of the rapid lifestyle variations and the exposure to a variety of global cuisines, which has brought about change in the food culture. Although, the change is for the best, it has its disadvantages, especially for the next generation. Keeping children away from refined foods or fast foods, has been an immense challenge these days…just when you said “No,” for eating too many chocolates, there is a new advertisement of Pizza showing on the TV, and your child goes, “I want to eat that!” in short, children are exposed to a variety of temptations, capturing the child’s mind and sight to a diet which is not very healthy.

Managing their temptations are very important, fast foods, refined sugars, shelf foods cannot be completely ignored but children can enjoy it once in a while. We often see children don’t reason with reason, which means, even if you tell them, the don’ts of consuming such food articles, not all of them are ready to understand it, they tend to fall ill easily and as parents we are always looking for ways to strengthen the child’s immune system, so as to recover from simple ailments. Since we are parents, it is our utmost concern for what goes in our child’s body to maintain their good health.

The moment a child is born, there are high chances of catching infections because the immune system is in the process of developing and is getting accustomed to the exposure of new sources, and falling ill is something mother’s usually worry about at these times.

To know if you are on the right track, here are few points on how to improve a child’s immune system well

  • Mother’s milk

Researches have shown that breast milk carries properties that develop immunity strengthening antibodies that protects against, allergies, diarrhea, UTI, etc., It is also seen that consumption of breast milk improves the functioning’s of the baby’s brain. Colostrum, which is the yellowish milk seen during the first few days after birth, contains agents rich in antibodies to fight against diseases, so the milk that is produced during the initial stages after birth, should be consumed by the baby. It is recommended to breast feed your baby at least for a year. Breastfeeding can be exhausting, but this is one of the most significant and natural way of providing immunity boosting means to your little one from their early years.

  • Exercise daily

Exercise is an activity done for an individual’s complete wellbeing, and the same goes for children. Studies show that exercising help in the increase of NK cells (Natural Killer Cells), which helps to fight cancer. As a family keep some time in your schedule for some physical activity that can be done together.

  • Avoid too many medications

I know of parents who run to their pediatrician for medication, even for the smallest of ailments, which can be naturally treated at home. Let me tell you this hinders the immune system of the child. Antibiotics helps in getting better but it also makes the ailment resistant to the antibiotic, which is why doctors prescribe a higher dose to fight the infection. Our body has an inbuilt immune system that can overcome infections, but you need to give it time to work, follow some home remedies to cure simple ailments, like having ginger tea, for cold or honey lemon water for cough, and many more. If your child’s cold and flu lasts for a week or more, then take him/her to the pediatrician.

  • Eating right

Always ensure that your family is having a balanced diet. Today there are so many variations in diets, but remember no matter where in the world you are, always go for your staple foods, because every country has certain seasonal foods according to their demographics, climate, etc. so the people there might be accustomed to certain foods you are not, but on the other hand your staple diet suits you and your kids best. So, it is vital to follow your staple diet, you can always add variations to your staple diet. Always consume seasonal fruits and vegetables, as nutrition of a certain fruit or vegetable is at its peak during this time. Incorporate greens like spinach, broccoli, garlic, citrus fruits, turmeric, ginger, yogurt, as these foods help to strengthen the immune system.

  • Cleanliness is good but do not overdo it

Kids tend to be messy, they are always ready to explore and curious about every little thing. Cleanliness and hygiene is very significant around young ones, but it is not something that can be taken everywhere. Kids need to come in contact with nature, play in the mud, make sand castles, and unintentionally wipe their mouth with their unclean hands all this is part of growing up. These little exposures also help in building up the immune system as they grow older, because kids then are able to adapt to different environments and overcome obstacles regarding their wellbeing.

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