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The Best Piece of Advice Mother Gave Me

Today’s post is dedicated to my loving mom and mother in law (I call her “Amma,” meaning, “Mother” in our native language).

I remember so vividly when my mom used to hold her back from pain, because of the work she did… in the kitchen, getting us ready for school, all the household work and the running around, yet she never said a word to anyone…Until, I was old enough to take up certain chores in the house. Sometime later in my life, she expressed the reason for the back pain she endured since her second pregnancy. It was like her pregnant life had a fate with stairs, when she was pregnant with me and later with my sister, she had an encounter falling few steps from the stairs and injuring her back…we were born healthy, but since then, my mother’s health has not been in a good condition. What I admire about her is that, even after going through so much the will power she attained and the inspiration she gives…she became more than just a mother to me, she was a friend, adviser, counselor and a guide, and for that I am grateful to the Creator.

After I got married, I was welcomed to a new family and blessed with wonderful in laws. My Amma, is a teacher for a school that teaches underprivileged children and she taught me to see the world a little differently, giving meaning to those little things around me that are equally important than us. Coming from a family with no pets, I was welcomed with two which later became four lovely dogs. It’s here I got over my fear of dogs, Amma loves gardening, her love can be seen in the way her plants grow , even a withered flower will revive itself, that was her magic! She always tells me to have a talk with the plants and I wonder; “that would make me look like an idiot…”but the surprising fact is…..Talking to them works!If a plant is nurtured with good vibes plus the food water and sunlight, they nurture beautifully. My Amma believes in putting that little extra effort for everything to get the best and it does miracles, that’s why even the most idle materials at home turn out to be useful in some way, that’s how good she is! She has always been a generous human being and never hesitated to help people, without any expectations. Her aura was such that people around her would always be energetic and fun.

A Piece of Advice She Offered

Let me share with you one of the best advice my mom gave, it was during those days I used to be upset or sad over little things and she would say;” Enjoy this life, these times you have now, won’t come back. When you grow older you should not look back,and have any regrets.” Yup, she was right! Since then when I look back now, I say; “It’s a blessing to have enjoyed, those days and here I am, moving ahead without any regrets.”

I am grateful to both my mothers and blessed to have such an amazing women, who I can call “Mom” and “Amma”. Here I am, trying to learn the best from both worlds.

Mothers are truly the embodiment of Grace and love put together and I am grateful for all the mom’s out there. Being a mother is not easy and not something you can be ready for, the ropes are learnt once you get there…They are women who lift themselves up in the face of harsh winds and yet bloom their little buds into beautiful flowers.

As mothers we need to keep reminding ourselves, that sometimes it’s OK to give time to restore our well being. Since we need to be in good shape to care for the one’s we love. Mothers are women who find blissfulness seeing their little one grow and the hardships they take to help their child get there. These hardships are not seen as adversities by them but a blessing of opportunities to see their child grow. Happy Mother’s Day to my two wonderful mom’s and to all the lovely mother’s out there. Your children are looking up to you. You are their models, be proud of yourselves!

Everyday I’ve got is my Mother’s Day!”

― Mohith Agadi

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