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“To fail, is not the end of the world”

It’s like a do or die race, between parents and school admissions. This begins from pre-schools, parents are preparing their children for a battle from the start of their education, prepping their child to ace as they take each step forward in their coming years. It doesn’t matter what their caliber is, “I will make sure she gets in!” is the attitude. It’s a battle for the best! And it all start’s from here…

Last week has been a burst in the media, showcasing the major college admission scandal that hit America’s most prestigious universities, which involved high end celebrity parents like Lori Loughlin and actress Felicity Huffman and 33 other parents. Some were charged for bribing colleges for admissions, money laundering using charity accounts and swindling during SAT and ACT tests by involving mediators instead of real students.

In India, we have a system in the field of education known as the “quota system,” by which students can acquire seats according to certain categories, in their preferred college or university. This system is based on one’s cast (SC, ST. OBC), religious minorities, etc. Although, this system was introduced by the government for the betterment, it has its disadvantages especially for those hardworking students who struggle to get a seat after their 10th grade.

To heighten up this frenzy a recent Times of India news article talks about almost no seats available for students falling in open category (OC) especially for those colleges attached to schools. This has not just increased the competition but the stress parents and students go through. There you go…the race continues. Now, imagine the frustration in your child’s mind that he/she has to be the best at everything.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

Robert F. Kennedy

Winners are not afraid of losing

Next time your child fails a test, congratulate and tell him, “You are in your stepping stone to success.” Let us not do what we experienced as kids, failure might not have been something we could tell our parents, but we need not show the same to our children. Look at how hard your child has tried, and there is always a next time, it’s not the end of the world?

Teach your child how to cope up with stress and failure and to look at the bright side, the best place to experience this is in schools with teachers and in the presence of parents at home. This not only helps your child face the world they would soon step into, but also maintains their confidence and self- esteem.

You mower your lawn not your child

The term “lawnmower parents” is a term referred to parents who cut down all obstacles, challenges and difficulties in their child’s path, everything should be ‘silky smooth’ in their life, also known as “Lawnmower Parenting.” Are you one of them? If you are, then it’s time you drew the line. Paving their path through every step is making your child week in the knees and this will reflect in their future.

Failure is something that, these children hardly experience because parents tend to solve every obstacle for them making life easier. When these children grow into adults, they are dependent, and refuse to handle challenging tasks and always get their job done by others. Such children develop a negative attitude and a sour personality.

Unless, as a parent you feel that this type of guidance and motivation is working for your them to make decisions and inculcate positive behavior traits, following this role should be fine, but make it a point to let go when they can get through on their own , don’t hold them back!

All cat’s love fish but hate to get their paws wet

There are people out there who love to have success at their doorstep, but refuse to work the moral ways to reach it. Instill the art of self-discipline and raise children to be independent. Certain tasks require thinking, and getting them to solve little challenges in their early years, can help improve their ways of managing stress, through every aspect of their life. Fact is, your child is smarter than you, and when you let go… you will be startled at how they find solutions to problems, that we couldn’t do.

Just because you fail once doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything.

Marilyn Monroe

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