Social & Emotional Development

“Mom, from where do babies come from?”

The world is changing and growing, what we expected we could keep in our bedrooms are going out to children through many sources where we as parents cannot assert control. This has caused a dilemma for parents, as to how much is too much for our kids. Well, fact is that as kid’s curiosity keeps growing, other than diverting their minds for few minutes, these subjects are not something that is easily dodged from children’s minds, its sure to pop up once again later. Sex education is very important especially “good touch and bad touch” this can be taught to kids as early as 3 years. When your child comes up to you with questions related to sex,

Firstly, have control over your emotions: Don’t look shocked, or embarrassed also don’t put up a straight face. Since, all this just makes the child feel repressed and guilty, as though they have discovered something awfully faulty. And when you throw your questions at them, they panic and reserve their sincerity towards you later. So, stay calm take your child aside and casually talk to your child as a friend. This way, you are building trust and your child feels contented to share their knowledge.

Secondly, its significant to understand that these type of subjects are very sensitive and if not approached properly with proper reasoning remember, your child will get the answer from external sources, like his friends, peers, internet, etc. which are not under your control. As parents we have to change their outlook towards sex in a way, they understand where to draw the line and are morally correct. This is a subject that needs to be approached from the perspective of enlightenment and not revulsion.

Thirdly, while making your kids understand, give age appropriate reasons. Do not exaggerate it! You cannot give a scientific explanation to a 4 year old, they are just going to overthrow you with another set of questions. Be realistic and child appropriate. The art is on how you put it forward using your wits.


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